Voluntary Placement Services (VPS)

Children in residence have needs which require the efforts of a caring team of professional staff, along with their family, to succeed in becoming full participants in their lives and their community.


We are a Licensed Children’s Residential Provider in the Out of Home Services (OHS) Program. Our mission is to give at risk developmentally challenged children and their families a new beginning. We provide the services, stability and love that are needed for these children to develop socially and academically. Our goal is for them to reach their highest ability and achieve success in their relationships, schools, and communities.


Helping developmentally challenged children who are behavioral at-risk have a better life and preparing them to be adults in the world they live in.


Visions for New Beginnings is a Children’s Residential Provider who gives 24-hour care and services to children/teens on the autism spectrum who are behaviorally at-risk.


The Visions team never ceases to amaze when it comes to their compassion and professionalism towards their children. The Visions team truly cares about their children, sharing ample time, attention, care, and guidance they need to develop life traits and skills. Without a doubt, the most selfless and thoughtful group of individuals you’ll ever get a chance to meet.


Our instructors provide Residential Service Guidelines training for those who work in the home care field. This is a broad stroke class detailing what it means to be a care provider and is required to work in this field. If you have an interest in taking this class, don’t hesitate to reach out!


We offer in house BBP/CPR/First Aid certification through the Red Cross, as well as Safety Care certification. If you are interested in taking these courses, please contact us.


Judi Bailey


I started Visions for a New Beginning in 2013 with a vision to do things differently in the ASD caregiving community. I have a deep compassion for all people and an appreciation for individualization. I love team playing and believe we all have value and can constantly learn and grow together while helping Visions’ clients do the same.


I have 30 years experience working directly with children from all ages and walks of life, 12 of those being in the autism community. I love this population of humans that we serve. My goal for our clients is to create loving, safe, and comfortable homes with caring staff that love to help develop others. My hope is that the staff become like family to these children while helping them achieve their highest level of development and independence.


Jeremy Roller


I have 13 years’ experience working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, ranging from ages 2-21. I started in an ECEAP classroom for disabled toddlers in fall of 2010 and found my passion in group homes a year later. I graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a minor in Human Development, with a focus on attachment theory and parent-child relationships.


I use my degree every day to help these clients navigate the struggles of rehabilitation while away from their loved ones and encourage all parents to interact with their child throughout the process. I value honesty and authenticity from the clients I serve as well as the parents on everyone’s expectations. Reunification is my goal, although I do understand this is not always feasible in every situation.


“I do this job so one day I don’t have to.”- Tia Maria Torres


Jessi Fincher


I have over a decade of experience working with kids experiencing developmental disabilities. I have 3 years of experience within administration and human resources duties. My current goal is to be supporting Visions staff members to enable them to better support Visions clients.


Ryan Fincher


I have worked for Visions for 2 years and I have enjoyed the community aspect of the workplace. I look forward to continuing my role in supporting the overall health of the company and supporting each client’s health and safety.


Edgar Morales


I have worked for Visions for new beginnings since April 2019. I have worked with disabled youth for thirteen years, five years in two different school districts where I serviced youth from kindergarten through high school, and eight years in DSHS group homes.


I have enjoyed being an active advocate for children with disabilities; throughout the years, I have realized that showing kindness to one another strengthens our community and gives us all a sense of purpose.


Colten Williams


I have worked for 7 and a half years in the field. I am here to make a difference in children’s lives and help them be prepared for the next stage of their life.


The mission of House 3 is to actively be of service to others as an inspirational role model of living and working together in the development of our clients in a variety of areas, including but not limited to the social, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, educational, and physical betterment of our clients.


Nigel Ashley


This is a career path less traveled and is so rewarding. Watching each child grow and succeed is an incredible rewarding experience. Visions offers diverse options to move into management, gain knowledge that can be used in different facility settings and leaves plenty of room for personal fulfillment. After over 7 years with Visions, I am confident that I will stay with the company and continue to build lifelong relationships with clients and staff alike.


Come join us if you have an interest in growing with a company and supporting individuals with higher needs.


Assisting clients in reaching their highest level of independence through independent living skills, community immersion, and behavioral growth. Swing shift available (Afternoon to evening).


Deep cleaning throughout the night, Bed checks, Morning routines. Shift options are Mon-Thurs 10pm-8am OR Fri-Sun 9pm-9am.


Assisting clients in reaching their highest level of independence through independent living skills, community immersion, and behavioral growth. Mid-June through Labor Day.