Accessibility Information


A robust Code of Conduct and Business Ethics which embodies our mission and commitment to a person-centered philosophy.

Visions For New Beginnings website has been designed to be accessible for all populations including the visually impaired. Although this is not a legal requirement, it’s a personal commitment as a human services organization, to ensure accessibility to all web site visitors. VisionsFNB has made a good faith effort to adhere to the spirit of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, a federal law pertaining to government web site design and use of technology to ensure accessibility for the visually impaired and other users whom use assistive technologies to browse the Internet.  If you have questions or concerns about our website’s accessibility, please email [email protected]


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VisionsFNB’s Compliance Plan not only addresses the eight required compliance elements, it establishes clear guidelines for confidentiality, adherence to laws, regulations, and the agency’s internal policies as well as the identification, reporting and addressing of any concerns. It is also designed to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in our delivery of services.


All of VisionsFNB services/policies are designed to further the mission of empowering and promoting opportunities for people with disabilities. All while assisting, supporting and helping build the best possible future.